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Nukkad Natak

Nukkad Natak: Promoting Awareness through Powerful Street Plays

Social Evil - Child Marriage: Witness the power of storytelling as our talented students took to the streets to address the pressing issue of child marriage through an engaging Nukkad Natak. This thought-provoking performance shed light on the detrimental impact of child marriage on young lives and communities. Through captivating performances, heartfelt dialogues, and poignant messages, our students aimed to ignite a spark of awareness and inspire positive change. Join us in this endeavor to break the shackles of this social evil and create a society where every child's future is filled with promise and opportunity.


Beat Plastic Pollution: Our students brought the fight against plastic pollution to the streets through a compelling Nukkad Natak. With creative finesse, they conveyed the urgent need to address this environmental menace and its far-reaching consequences. The Nukkad Natak emphasized the significance of individual actions in combating plastic pollution and showcased sustainable alternatives to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. Let's unite in this mission to protect our planet, as every small step towards beating plastic pollution counts and contributes to a cleaner, greener world for generations to come.