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Music & Dance

At New Happy Public School, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and self-expression through the arts. Our Music and Dance Activities provide students with the opportunity to explore the captivating worlds of music and dance, allowing them to discover their unique talents and passions. These activities are designed to enrich the overall educational experience and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the performing arts. Join us in experiencing the joy of music and the magic of dance through the following offerings:

1. Instrumental Music: Unleash your musical potential by learning to play various instruments, including the piano, guitar, violin, flute, and more. Our dedicated music instructors will guide you through the fundamentals and help you develop your skills. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, you'll find a supportive and encouraging environment to enhance your musical journey.

2. Vocal Music: If you have a melodious voice and a passion for singing, our Vocal Music sessions are the perfect fit. Learn vocal techniques, explore different musical styles, and participate in choir performances that will leave the audience enthralled. Music has the power to touch hearts, and you can be a part of that magic.

3. Dance Workshops: Discover the rhythm within you through our dance workshops. From classical dance forms like ballet and Kathak to contemporary styles like hip-hop and modern dance, you'll have the chance to learn from experienced dance instructors. These workshops not only focus on technique but also encourage creative expression and confidence on the dance floor.

4. Cultural Dance Showcases: Celebrate the diversity of cultures within our school community through cultural dance showcases. Embrace the beauty of traditional dances from various regions and countries as students come together to share their heritage with the school. These events are not only entertaining but also promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

5. Talent Shows and Performances: Showcase your skills and artistry in our talent shows and performances. Whether you're a solo performer or want to collaborate with friends, this is your chance to shine on stage. Dance routines, musical performances, and theatrical acts – the possibilities are limitless.