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Our Clubs

Welcome to our vibrant array of our school clubs, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where students can explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom. Our clubs provide a platform for students to connect, learn, and contribute to causes they are passionate about. Joining a club not only enhances your skills but also allows you to make lasting friendships. Discover the perfect club for you among the following:

1. Heritage Club: Preserving the rich cultural heritage and traditions of our nation, the Heritage Club celebrates diversity and promotes an understanding of various customs, festivals, and historical events. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through time as we delve into the roots of our civilization.

2. Eco Club: If you are passionate about the environment and want to make a positive impact on our planet, the Eco Club is the perfect choice. Through various eco-friendly initiatives, workshops, and community outreach programs, we aim to create a sustainable and greener future for generations to come.

3. Legal Literacy Club: Do you have an interest in law and justice? The Legal Literacy Club offers a platform to explore the legal system, understand the importance of laws, and engage in discussions on contemporary legal issues. Develop critical thinking and advocacy skills in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

4. Visual and Performing Arts: Calling all aspiring artists, musicians, actors, and dancers! The Visual and Performing Arts club provides an expressive outlet for your creativity. Discover and refine your talents through workshops, performances, and exhibitions, as we showcase the beauty of art in all its forms.

5. Literacy Club: The Literacy Club is a haven for book lovers and aspiring writers alike. Immerse yourself in the world of literature through book discussions, creative writing sessions, and literary events. This club is a sanctuary for imagination and a space to nurture a lifelong love for reading.

6. Science Club: This club is dedicated to nurturing young minds with a curiosity for the wonders of science. Through hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and scientific discussions, students explore various disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, where questions lead to knowledge, and knowledge leads to innovation.

7. Adolescence Education Club: This club is committed to empowering students with essential life skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges and changes of adolescence confidently. Our engaging sessions cover a wide range of topics, including physical and emotional well-being, mental health awareness, peer pressure, and building healthy relationships. Together, we create a supportive environment where adolescents can discuss their concerns, share experiences, and learn from each other This club organises various activities like Seminars on PCOS for Senior Girls in the school.

8. Mathematics Club: Calling all math enthusiasts! The Maths Club is where numbers come alive, and problem-solving becomes an exhilarating adventure. Explore the beauty and practical applications of mathematics through intriguing puzzles, logic games, and mathematical challenges. From beginners to mathletes, all are welcome to unlock the mysteries of this captivating subject.

Students can any of these clubs and experience a world beyond academics. Expanding their horizons, develop leadership skills, and make a difference in your school and community.

Please note that club offerings may vary from year to year based on student interests and faculty availability.